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Full text of "Poland Russia and Great Britain 1941-1945"

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attaching importance to this principle, how comes it that in discussing the
future of Poland no representative of the London Polish Government was
called into council ? Two out of the three participating Governments
have recognised its legality, and that Government has made its views
quite plain in the Memorandum which it sent to the British and American
Governments on 22nd June. The present legal Government of Poland
was consulted neither before nor after the Conference. Nor was it even
mentioned in the announcements of the decisions of the Conference. Yet,
this is the sole legal constitutional and recognised Government of our
Ally Poland. This is the Government to which the Polish Armed Forces,
now numbering nearly 200,000;, and the Polish Home Forces of the Under-
ground Army have sworn loyalty and allegiance;, as the rightful office-
bearers of their nation and state. Their Prime Minister, Mr. Arciszewski,
a veteran Socialist, and so representative of the Polish people that he was
the head in Poland, until last autumn, of the whole of the Underground
Movement has simply been ignored. He has not even been received by our
Prime Minister, who legally recognised the truly representative quality of
this Polish Government.
On Thursday last I was visited in this House by the representatives
of half a million Polish workers and underground fighters from France,
mostly Socialists and miners, thoroughly good democrats. They were
unanimously supporters of Mr. Arciszewski and his Govern ment, both
in opposition to the unconditional surrender of the Eastern half of Poland,
and to the surrender of the independent Government of Poland, into the
hands of the Lublin puppets. . . .
On 15th December practically every speaker in the House affirmed the
utterly unrepresentative quality of the Lublin Committee, yet it seems that
the opinion of this House has been flouted by the decisions of the Yalta
Conference. The Lublin Committee is referred to hi the pronouncement
of the Conference as the " Provisional Government now functioning in
Poland " and this body, vaguely expanded, is to be the new Provisional
Government of Poland charged with the holding of free and unfettered
elections in that country. We know the importance which the three Heads
of Government assembled at Yalta so rightly attached to these free and
unfettered elections, but what sort of chance have they ? The sq-called
Provisional Polish Government at this moment is so controlling the country
that no independent opinion, however democratic, is allowed to be published
at all, all wireless receivers have been confiscated and broadcasts can only
be heard at certain places controlled by the Provisional Government.
The Lublin Minister of Education has informed the professors of Cracow
University that the Rector of the university and the Deans of the Faculties
will not be elected as formerly but appointed by the Government. Pro-
fessors, writers, artists and scientists are forced to sign declarations denounc-
ing the Polish Government in London as traitors to the Polish cause and
especially attacking the President, M. Raczkiewicz, M. Arciszewski, and
even our Prime Minister's favourite, M. Mikolajczyk. If they refuse to do
this they are arrested and imprisoned or else just murdered.
At this moment members of the former Home or Underground Army,
particularly officers, are being arrested, deported, and even shot. The
private soldiers of the Underground Army are mostly being rounded up,
and forcibly enlisted under the command of General Zymierski the Lublin
commander -in-chief. He, incidentally, served five years imprisonment
in pre-war Poland for having, when in the Quarter-Master-General's
Department, embezzled money allotted to the purchase of gas-masks for
the Army. I presume that the Big Three do not expect General Anders,